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Training under the lights

Junior riders on their way to our cabin for a Resilience Workshop.

Semi-private lesson

The Barrett Trainers believe...

...harmony between horse and rider is essential. methodical, focused, individualized home training. having fun while developing horse and rider potential. excel, riders need a great basis in both physical and mental skills.

...becoming a champion starts with a skilled trainer who connects with you.

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Winning equation:

Superb home training equals show success.


Laura Barrett Gurtis working with Anne Gribbons, world-renowned Dressage expert, in our annual Dressage workshop.

Junior Riders at Cabin.jpg

All ages workshop with Linda Kohanov, famous author of Tao of Equus.


The training paid off for our walk-trot rider, winning many ribbons at a local GOHJA horse show.

Beyond your expectations...

Barrett Farm is a comprehensive training facility, designed to integrate the highest quality riding skills with overall classical and current horsemanship techniques. We elevate our home training by adding workshop opportunities to grow our riders' and owners' skills. 

Our workshops include dressage for jumping horses, sports psychology skills, equine relationship building, and horsemanship studies. We believe all of these components are essential for excellent equestrian development and competition success.

Barrett Farm also offers workshops and private sessions for our riders to develop essential mental fitness for training and competing. 


"Emotional intelligence" training with the horses - for rider mindset and enhanced "ground" skills - is offered by our trainers for advanced development of rapport and harmony between horse and human.


The trainers have years of tried-and-true expertise and experience. We train the full spectrum - from beginners to national contenders. 


Lead Rider and Trainer, USHJA Certified

Laura Trainer Photo.jpg

Literally growing up on Barrett Farm as the daughter of a professional trainer, Laura Barrett Gurtis began riding at age 3 and showing at age 5. Laura brings a lifetime of knowledge, training, and show experience to her current career as a superb rider, trainer, and coach. She has developed and shown client horses in the nation's top rated shows and annually qualifies her students, both adults and juniors, for National Equitation and Hunter Finals. Her students have earned top placings and ribbons at USEF Pony Finals, Pony Medal Finals, THIS Medal Finals, and Ariat Finals. 

Living with her husband and two daughters, both riders, Laura resides in Winter Park, Florida, close to Rollins College, where she studied after graduating from Trinity Preparatory School.  Her early accomplishments as a junior and young pro rider include showing and collecting ribbons at prestigious events such as Ox Ridge in Connecticut, USET Finals at Gladstone, New Jersey, Pennsylvania National, Washington International, National Pony Finals, and Madison Square Garden.

Specializing in hunters and jumpers and having trained extensively as a junior rider with Margie Goldstein Engle and Geoff Teall, Laura continually expands her own interests and knowledge. She has studied with renowned dressage trainer Anne Gribbons, competing in an occasional dressage competition. Laura apprenticed with Linda Kohanov, celebrated author of Tao of Equus, and integrates Kohanov’s Epona principles of evolving human/equine relationship into her training. Laura says "openness and innovation are needed for top-level training and growth".

Laura has served the local equestrian community as a board member of the Greater Orlando Hunter and Jumper Association and chairperson of the horse show committee. She also course designs and co-manages multiple GOHJA horse shows annually. 

Laura is best described as a hands-on trainer who really cares. She is deeply involved in the daily equine management at the farm. She rides several horses a day and thinks of them as equal partners. She explains, ”We appreciate and treat the horses with great respect, learning from them daily, as much as they learn from us– maybe more. I love competition, but I equally love just working with horses and clients.  The fact that people from all walks of life can relate to horses in similar ways is an inspiration to me. My goal is for every rider I work with to develop the awareness, fitness, focus, and confidence that riding can instill in all aspects of our lives."


Founder and Trainer, USHJA Certified

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Jacque Barrett Gellein is a life-long equestrian, who began riding and showing in the hunt country of Virginia when she was 7 years old. Later, while earning her B.A. degree in St Louis, Missouri, she taught lessons and schooled horses at a training barn in the city. In 1970, she moved to Florida and founded Barrett Farm in 1971. 

In the early years of Barrett Farm, Jacque fox hunted with the Two Rivers Hunt outside of Tampa and showed at nationally rated "A" shows in Florida in the Green Hunter divisions.  She was also raising two sons, John and Erich, and a daughter, Laura - all show riders. As her daughter Laura set her sights on becoming a national contender, Jacque curtailed her own showing to concentrate on developing young horses and riders, earning multiple Zone Championships and qualifying horses and riders for National Medal Finals and Hunter divisions at the elite Indoor Circuit. That focus ultimately defined the direction of Barrett Farm and catalyzed the evolution to the farm that thrives today. 

Jacque is a dedicated believer in pursuing the basics to mastery. She says mastering the basics is “not easy, but almost always the most straightforward and reliable path to a rider’s goals. So I focus on basics. If a rider is dedicated and skilled enough to master the basics, then all goals are attainable". 

"We use every training session, sports psychology and our Epona workshops (equine relationship skills) to expand our skills, mentally and athletically.  Both skill sets are necessary to achieve consistent success.”

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